8 Girly living Room Ideas - All Things Snug

8 Simple Girly Living Room Ideas You Can Recreate!

A few girly living room ideas you can recreate are the; princess palace, artistic canvas, Hollywood glam, calm sunshine, high-tech boho retreat, tech savvy haven, bohemian rhapsody, cottage charm, etc.

This time, we (you and I) will cover 6 major elements; floor and walls, lighting, furniture, rugs and texture, and accessories and personalization.

Living Room Window Ideas - All Things Snug

22 Living Room Window Ideas For A New Look.

Hi there! Among many window types that could probably go well with your living room, I’ve found 23 to be more popular and aesthetic.

There isn’t much to say so I’ll keep this simple, an image for each idea, a short description, and what living rooms would best fit each living room window idea.

Western Living Room Ideas by All Things Snug

7 Simple Western Living Room Ideas For A Wild West Vibe!

When thinking of Western living room ideas, close your eyes, and imagine “rustic charm, cowboy, prairie”. Think Wild West Wanderer! Howdy, any ideas yet? No? I’ve got some below, you can try ‘em fer yerself or get some inspiration.

Rustic Retreat, Desert Oasis, Cowboy Charm, Modern Ranch, Prairie Style, Mountain Lodge theme, Antique/Vintage Feel.

Together, we’ll cover 6 major elements: color palettes, floor and walls, lighting, furniture, rugs and textures, and accessories and personalization.

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7 Proven Tips On How To Prepare A Room For Movie Night.

It’s time to destroy the established pattern: we watch TV series at home and blockbusters in the cinema. After all, any room can be turned into an ideal spot for movie nights or to view any film, blockbuster or not!

I prepared a detailed guide with all the answers on how to make a room cozy for a movie night- from the house’s location and the room’s technical component. If you’re short on movie night ideas, and movie night snacks, then this is for you!

All you need to live comfortably, at the tip of your finger and within your budget.